A leading self sustaining organization that provides equitable, quality, integrated health services to an empowered community with (special) focus on pastoralist and vulnerable groups


To provide integrated health care services to the pastoralist community in Kenya so as to enhance quality of life.


To achieve the mission, vision and goals of the organization all staff will be guided by the following values, principles and philosophy.

That all customers are unique and valued individuals irrespective of their race, gender, creed, social or financial status and are treated with a sense of equity without any form of discrimination.
SIMAHO to be a place where women and girls are empowered and free from all forms of gender-based violence, in particular female genital mutilation, where their voices are heard, where they can enjoy their rights and make informed choices about their lives.
That all customers shall be handled in a humane manner and uphold their integrity at all times.
Promoting an open and honest relationship with the patient in which confidentiality is respected and upheld.
Working as a multidisciplinary team where each member is valued as an integral part in achieving organization goals and objectives.
Mobilizing and utilizing resources in an efficient, effective, transparent and accountable way in providing services.
Respecting and working with all other stake holders to meet the total needs of health seekers.
Maintaining an environment of support, team spirit, empathy and encouragement for staff, volunteers and customers.
Promoting ethical and moral health principles and practices as stipulated in the National Health Ethics guidelines.
Enhancing personal, professional, human capacity through skills development.
Maintaining high standards of care and seeking to enhance these through monitoring, evaluation and implementation.