FGM Interventions

Prevent Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

  • Raising awareness/positive deviants/intergenerational dialogue/community mobilization by raising awareness activities to break the silence surrounding the topic of FGM; to create a supporting environment with regard to the activities of the program to create a wide base of community awareness on the issues surrounding the practice of FGM.
  • Identifying positive deviants and integrating them in the program as agents of change
  • Intergenerational dialogue to create an enabling environment to discuss taboo and sensitive subjects such as sexuality, gender roles, FGM, etc.
  • Community mobilization to create a critical mass of people who can decide to abandon the practice of FGM.
  • Creating participatory and partnership with Islamic scholars on Islamic perspective, health experts as well legal and administrative heads to curb the FGM Menace.

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